It is impossible to have a better world without conscious, better people. A conscious person is one that is not only aware of the connection to All, but is working towards the constant improvement of self and contributing to the growth of others and the evolution of the planet. This begins with transcending the fear of what we truly are and learning the origins of our dysfunctions or wounding that causes suffering and unhappiness.

As I read the news of the Colorado shooting that occurred yesterday, it reminds me that this is exactly the sort of thing that I am speaking about. What would have happened if this person had been aware that it was not just a matter of his hurts, delusions or whatever that caused him to act in such a awful manner? Perhaps a mere realization of his connection to All would have shifted his desire to harm.

The desire to get your life on track is not easy. But we are beginning to understand ourselves with tools like tarot, which has been around for a very long time, and we are using it to incredible extremes.

The road to becoming conscious takes you to a place where you must know your shadow. No one is above having a shadow. Normal people have problems as well as those who are unstable. I feel when people do not address their shadow, this shadow is long ignored and grows until takes over in unhealthy ways.

All adverse thoughts has roots in the shadow and subconscious minds and sometimes it works its way to the reasoning mind so that wrong acts are justified.What we fear and what we doubt can fill the mind with such toxicity that begins to breed tragedies and disasters and as we have seen on a large scale.

When the shadow burdens us we get tired, really tired. We must cast off the burden of the shadow so that we can rest. I want to reference what was said by Christ, “Come to me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). This does not mean you have to become religious but perhaps to stay aware of some sort of spiritual center. If you have trouble finding this center, consider what a reading can do for you.