Attention Tarot Readers & Mystic-Minded Entrepreneurs:

Are you struggling to find clients,
book more readings,

and get paid what you’re actually worth?

If you’re not making enough as a tarot or mystical practitioner, and aren’t sure what to do about that, you’re not alone. It’s tough for us.

The truth is, for all of the great advice out there on reading techniques and becoming a better reader, there just isn’t much in the way of advice on how to turn your calling into a real business.

Sure, plenty of people have adapted so-called “internet marketing” courses and tried to make them work for spiritual professionals, but let’s be honest… that’s just trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.


Hello! Gina Thies here,
and I want to tell you that you can find more clients,
get more readings, and charge more for your time,
without selling your soul to do it.

Who am I to say all this? Well, let’s see. As I write this, I am:

  • ♦ Earning almost 100% of my income from doing Tarot/Psychic readings…
  • ♦ Working on my own schedule, without any boss to tell me otherwise…
  • ♦ In demand for parties and events, without barely trying…
    ♦… and I don’t spend a dime on advertising!

Now, this didn’t all happen overnight, but it DID happen, and the process I used can be modeled and repeated by anyone.

 If you’ve been a regular reader of my column in Tarot Tips, the newsletter of The Tarot School of New York, you may have heard some of this before,
but here are the highlights:

• Before I could grow my Tarot business, I had to stop trying to be everything to everyone,   focus on who I could serve the best, and really understand what they wanted and needed from me… this meant saying NO to some things, and YES to others.

• Once I understood whom I wanted to serve, and what they wanted, I then began building an audience of people who wanted to hear from me, and hire me to read for them. As it turns out, this was a lot easier than I thought, once I knew my ideal audience, and what I could do for them.

• Of course, I needed to build up my website, to communicate with my audience, make it easy for them to find me, and give my clients a place to send their referrals. I had to stop thinking of my website as a “home page,” and start treating it like a welcoming page.

There’s a lot more to it, of course, but I’ll get right to the point here.

I’ve been writing, speaking with, and meeting a lot of readers, and they all want to learn how to do what I’m doing. A lot of people have asked me to mentor them privately, and I have worked with a few people that way off and on, but we learn better and achieve more when we’re part of a group. So I’ve made a decision to expand from one-one mentoring into helping as many people as I can.

Check out this amazing offer!

I’ve recently developed an 8-week virtual workshop based on a recent presentation at Readers Studio 2015 in New York called “Awesome Audience Building” and as promised to those who attended, I am proud to offer this workshop that starts:

New 2016 Dates Coming Soon! 

Imagine, you are a few weeks away from being ready to draw your ideal clients to you by understanding whom your ideal client is and why they will want to buy from you. You will have the right net to cast to catch the clients that want to work with you and that YOU want to work with as well!

Praise for Awesome Audience Building Course

‘I am proud to be a graduate of Gina Thies’ Awesome Audience Building online seminar. She brought us a wealth of information that she started by throwing down this challenge, “You ignore social marketing at your peril.” Well I had signed up for her class for precisely that reason. There is so much to know and Gina delivered this in bite-size modules so we could understand this strange new world; a world which, in fact, turns out to be the very same world we live in everyday!

This marketing world, of which Gina speaks like a second language, is one which requires direct action on our parts to come alive. This is the pivotal difference in Gina’s course. All the knowledge in the world is worthless if you do not know how to act upon it! Gina teaches you how to take the right steps, at the right time, to bring your unique gifts to the world. Implementing Gina’s thorough and specific guidelines have already given me wonderful and unexpected results. Remember, you will never waste time or money when you invest in yourself to create the success you yearn for and deserve.

Hannah Setu, Dallas, TX

“As a new business owner, I was nervous about the task of ‘getting out there’. Still, I knew I wanted to learn how to go about targeting my desired audience, so I signed up for Gina’s ‘Awesome Audience Building’ class.  I’m so glad I did!  Gina was very professional, provided easy-to-follow steps to success, and provided me with personal business coaching as well.  She was able to deliver a lot of valuable, real-world information, for a very affordable price.  Gina also caused me to feel totally at ease about being a business ‘newbie’. Not only did she provide recordings of each webinar, she also provided a guide book in order for me to keep the momentum going.  With Gina’s help, I am now able to craft an audience and build a successful business!”

Thanks Gina,

Mary Christina Byrd, Detroit, MI

Awesome Audience Building Virtual Workshop offers 8 weeks of great training that covers topics that will enable you to tell and sell your story as an agent of transformation.

This workshop includes:

  • ♦ 1-hour /1x a week sessions for 8 weeks (Sundays)
  • ♦ 4 Bi-Weekly Coaching Q & A Sessions via webinar.
  • ♦ Individual Personal e-coaching with Gina.
  • ♦ Private weekly accountability sessions.
  • ♦ Access to Gina’s personal resources for marketing and growing your business.

Get ready to make the commitment of getting closer to the business of your dreams and experience more freedom to tell people you run your own business!

PLUS, signing up for this offer includes these BONUSES:

  • ♦ BONUS- 2 hour workshop on Optimizing Your Website. ($500 value)
  • ♦ BONUS – $25 gift card Amazon or Copy of My Book “Tarot Coupling”.
  • ♦ BONUS- Special Surprise ebook!

Your payment verifies your registration for participating. All correspondence will be sent to the email gathered from PayPal.

I am looking forward to working with you!

Gina Thies

P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to email me personally and I’ll get back to you just as quickly as I can.