Dream Interpretation by Gina Thies

The deepest Self is revealed by the mirror of your dreams.


Just as images from tarot cards are a symbolic language, objects and people in your dreams can be transformed into a language that depict your internal feelings and perception of self. In your dreams you are witnessing – if not participating in the exploration of parts of your unknown self. The thing to realize about symbols and images is that they can mean many things. The meaning we apply to objects or environments depicted in our dreams come directly from our own associations. However, I believe that over time general “meanings” can be assigned to particular objects.

Dreams relay important pieces of information which assist us everyday through life difficulties such as our work, relationships and personal potential. Dreams unmask the truth of who we truly are, allowing an understanding of ourselves psychologically.

For generations, cultures all over the world have included dream interpretation as a part of the natural wisdom we carry as part of the Divine Source. In ancient Egypt, the high priest or priestess served as dream interpreter to the ruling Pharaoh. This duty was one of great importance much like that of the scribe. The significance of a young prince’s dream while he napped in the shadow of the Great Sphinx is told on a stone slab known as the Dream Stela, located between the paws of this great monument. During the dream the young prince was promised reign over Upper and Lower Egypt. In this dream he was given instructions that certainly changed his life. He became Pharaoh Thutmosis IV.

How I Can Help With Your Dreams

I have been studying dreams for as long as I have been interested in prophecy and esoteric wisdom. Over the past 10 years I have spent long hours on my own dreams discovering how prophetic they are as I reviewed my personal dream journals. I have gained wisdom from dreams as far back as 1999 that are highly significant to me today. I began doing dream interpretations for others “on the fly” that proved to be helpful and highly applicable to their life situation.

In examining your dreams, we will look at your current psychological process. I will help you discover what the dreams are telling you about your current physical, emotional and transcendent needs. Observation of your dreams may provide valuable information regarding your health, lifestyle, relationships and even warn you of negative situations.

The experience I have in working with the dream process is integrated with knowledge of dream symbolism and extensive work with clients. Knowing what images and how they apply to your life takes skill, research and interpretation expertise. My many years of studying mythology, art, music and religion brings an added level of understanding of the language of the subconscious world. I bring together my knowledge of how dream images work along with tarot in bringing to life what you need to learn about most – your inner brilliance.

Dream Interpretation Services Pricing

Silver Package (Phone or Email) – $14.99
1 Dream – For a simple interpretation of your dream images. What they traditionally mean and how they apply to you.

Gold Package (Phone of Email) – $19.99
2 Dreams – Interpretation of dream images with an understanding of how they are manifestations of your own insights that deal with your emotions, fears and values and how they play out realistically in your dreams. An exploration of what you need to pay attention to most at the present in your life.

Diamond Package (Phone or Email) – $39.99
Includes a tarot reading with up to 6 cards. Up to 3 dreams. This includes processing of the recurrent themes and backgrounds in your dreams and will provide answers about what you are creating as you walk through life. I will connect all the images of your dreams with tarot language that details a full summary of the meaning of the dreams that will aid you in gaining profound insight.


1. Select the package you desire and complete the payment process through Paypal or Amazon Checkout.

2. Once you have completed the payment, click here on the DREAM FORM link and fill it out. Submit the form to advisor@tarotadvisor.com or download it from the thank you page after you complete your payment.

3. Allow 24 – 48 hours for processing and turnaround. Your interpretation will be delivered by email within 1-2 days after your submission.

Dream Interpretation Readings Available by Phone