podbeanheader1Of the many interviews I have done, this one was so special! Special in the fact that it was a magical conversation with two people who I felt actually got me. It is such a pleasure to share my philosophy on the business of divination. I was invited to be a part of the Tarot Visions line-up by Red Rose Robinson and Charlie Harrington shortly after my workshop at the Northwest Tarot Symposium, ‘The 4 Enemies on the Path’, which Sally Rose attended and had nothing but awesome feedback for me.

I had the opportunity to talk about working as an online reading professional and the types of clients that made me who I am today as a professional. Charlie, who has also attended my presentations at BATS, was especially interested in my Therapeutic Reading Structure which I spoke about in my workshop, ‘The Art of Reading in Good Form’. I also got to talk about my book ‘Tarot Coupling’, which deals with relationship readings and what will set you apart as a reading professional who takes care of the client.

 Here is an excerpt from the episode description: “This episode is a doozey in terms of length but we think you will enjoy the ride because our guest has a lot to say for the reader who is ready to go pro.  Gina, who wears many hats incredibly well, shares her experiences and top tips for working as a phone reader, dealing with skeptics, reading about love, and how to provide the reading that will most benefit your clients.

To listen go here now: http://tarotvisions.podbean.com/e/tarot-visions-going-pro-with-gina-thies/

Thanks Charlie and Rose Red!