10842422_sI remember the first time I had a Tarot/Psychic reading. I was both nervous and excited at the same time. I was also very frightened because of all the “bad” things I’d heard about the “psychic” business. I became quite curious about readings so at a UFO conference, I decided to give it a try.
Tarot Readers and Clairvoyants have different styles, methods and levels of competence.  I’ve had readings done where the reader asked all the questions and I thought “Aren’t you suppose to know that?” My favorite Tarot reader in New Orleans taught me to write down a list of questions to bring with me so that I would have a better focus and get better results from my readings. She didn’t need me to ask questions though, she did the reading with alarming accuracy.

Here are some common questions on getting a consultation: How would I prepare for a psychic, tarot or astrology reading? 

Your mental state has a lot to do with the results and accuracy of your reading. Most people call for a consultation while in crisis . They are caught up in the moment, angry, desperate, sad, depressed, or need desperate validation. Readings consist of energy work, so it is best to consider all of your feelings when you get a reading. Take a few breaths and try to relax. If you choose you may request a prayer or moment of silence to allow your Higher Self, guides, angels and teachers to assist in your readings.

Is is true that readings tell the future?
Well yes and no. Readings are both subjective and objective.  It offers snapshots of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are likely to be headed. Nothing can take the place of your ‘free will’. Many readers will not perform divination readings believing that telling your “future” does not help you unmask the blockages in the way you live.

What kinds of questions can I ask?
You can ask whatever you like. The secret is properly phrasing the question. For example: instead of “Is my husband cheating?” you can ask, “What do I need to know about my marriage?” or “Is it wise to continue in this marriage?”. 
Instead of ” Will my business fail?” try “What do I need to look at most to ensure a successful business?”.  A professional reader will help you rephrase your questions to help you benefit from a good reading. Asking questions about third parties is considered unethical.

I had a reading and didn’t get anything out of it, the psychic was way off, why? 
No human is perfect in their performance all the time, this includes psychic readers. You can expect to have a reader with at least a 80-95% accuracy rate. Sometimes you may only need to hear information for the next steps of your life journey. You still have to make choices and you can take steps to ensure your own personal success.

Should I “test” a psychic?
Testing frustrates the best of readers and not to mention some think it’s rude.  Keep your reading short and to the point until you feel comfortable with your reader. This saves everyone time, wasted efforts and money.

Can a reading be done jointly, like for couples?
Yes, especially if you want to improve your relationships in a therapeutic session, it is best to include the other person. Readings can be done on past lives, improving your relationships and finding out the lessons you have to learn from each other.

What if I hear something bad?
Many inquisitive consultations will uncover inconvenient truths. The reader’s task should be to provide information from a Higher Consciousness level and help you to identify limitations that cause you distress.  I follow a Code of Ethics and try to use tact and professionalism in my readings. Once again readings are for empowerment. You have the ability to change any negatives into something positive.

Psychics, tarot cards, fortune-tellers and new age practices are against God aren’t they?
Many people just like you get readings just as people did in ancient times. Self-help tools, like many divination items are just that – tools. Like the Bible, in the wrong hands can be used for positive and negative purpose.