My Therapeutic Reading Structure:

Tarot Cards And Candle

This is referenced in my book: Tarot Coupling: Resources & Resolutions for Relationship Readings (Schiffer Books).

In this work, you’re not just another client, you’re the hero of your own destiny. I believe readings are a coordinated effort that helps you as client, self-generate your own solutions.

I understand that you may not always like or agree with the discourse of the session. I want to work in conjunction with your own established values and personal philosophy.

I have a system of what I’d like to call check and balance that intend to maximize all sessions called TRS or Therapeutic Reading Structure. This works well for a variety of practitioners that want to add value to what they give their clients. I can also assist you to find a structure that resonates with your process. For my mentoring services go here.

Here’s what you can expect right from the start:

  1. Immediate Response: Once you decide to schedule a session, I will take no longer than 48 hours to respond to you.
  2. Explanation of My Reading Style: You will get a thorough explanation of what to expect from me as your consultant.
  3. Attention to Detail: Clarity and attention is something we all deserve. I consider what brought you to the place that you are and allow for specific question.
  4. You Communication Style: I’d like to make sure we are on the same page.
  5. Intentions and Goals: This reading is yours, I want you to have your own self-generated road map to your destiny.
  6. Positive and Uplifting:  Positive attitudes go a long way. You will also be engaged in a two-way solutions-oriented session.
  7. Full Assessment of Body Language. I want you to be comfortable but, with realization that the body communicates important details too.
  8. Plans, Solutions and Outcomes: All tailored to match your status and understanding.

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