Life is going to change. It happens not matter how consistent and organized we think of ourselves. I would say on average that we experience at least one life disruption or transition no matter negative or positive about every 2 years. One to two of these occurrences are major such as a health crisis, a relationship crisis, struggles withing family, relocation, new jobs, new relationships, etc.

What we find most difficult is to maintain control of the narratives that we desire for our best life. When one thinks about it, the narratives that we lose that equates to our sense of normalcy unsettles us the most. You might think, “this is the person for me, why don’t they love me?” or other questions that drive despair or put us in overwhelm.

People that tend to be over 45 year of age have an easier acceptance that life isn’t on one tract. There is no one job, one career, one relationship. Should any of these become overwhelming, most often we have a few coping behaviors that assist navigating through them with some ease. Some of us need more outside assistance than others.

In seeking help such as life coaching or therapy, new skills acquired offer big advantages. Gathering facts and information can be useful with feelings of anxiety or stress. Of course, talking to those who can support you without judgment is a good course of action. Not everyone will have that support and reach out for help such as the support offered by my services.