Stay Cool Under Pressure

July Newsletter Issue

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I hope everyone is having an amazing Summer! Hopefully you get some time to cool of and get in some Summer reading. The Fifty Shades Trilogy is taking the best sellers lists top spot followed by The All Souls Trilogy. I am in the middle of listening to A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. Yes, listening to books! As much as I like to read, it is difficult during the day and so I listen on at night before going to bed. But of course that doesn’t stop me form having 16 other books by my nightstand.

I am discussing The Five of Pentacles. People look forward to the Summer months as a time to relax and enjoy down time. However, Summer time is sometimes anything but relaxing! Many parents are under the pressure of what to do what the kids that are out of school or what to do when the in-laws come to visit. Does this sound familiar?

Remember to stay cool under pressure!

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The Five of Pentacles

Like most five cards in tarot, this one is seen as especially difficult. When it appears in a reading it may signal that you are under some serious pressure whether it is physical, financial or even emotional. Most likely there is a loss or lack that leave you to feel impoverished.

Financial concerns are one of the biggest issues in partnerships. Today many are burden with insecurity and the pressure to make ends meet. This ultimately can lead to unhealthy psychological mindsets like depression.

When you have a situation where you feel the pressures of life. Remember that five is the number of change and this is the opportunity to learn and grow. The change you are going through won’t last forever. Pay attention to what is positive at this time and not so much of the negative. You are on a path of allowing what is necessary to become and may need to relax and let others do the same.


July 2012 Birthdays

Astrological Signs:
Cancer (Jun. 22 – Jul. 22)
Leo (Jul. 23 – Aug. 21)
Flowers of the Month: Larkspur, Water Lily
Birthstone: Ruby

New Moon: July 19
First Quarter: July 26
Full Moon: July 3
Last Quarter: July 10

The July Full Moon is called the Buck Moon by Native Americans of New England because at this time of the year, the new antlers of buck deer begin to appear. It is also sometimes called the Thunder Moon, named for the thunderstorms of summer.

Quote of the Month:

The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. – Sven Goran Eriksson

Special of the Month:

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