Key Components for Tarot Code of Ethics

From the November 2011 of Tarot Tips

By Gina Thies – •


Ethics in any field is a way of defining the expectations of those within a profession or organization. Expectations fall into two categories of knowledge and behaviors of the members. This also includes personal morals and values.


The study of esoteric and spiritual tools usually has an underlying mission of soul evolution. The interest in tarot for most may come from an underlying drive to help and heal others. By contrast, charging for this service may not seem spiritual. I am not sure anyone dreams of making money in a controversial manner.


Professional to professional, I cannot think of why you would not want to establish some ethics for what you do as a reader. Ethics in tarot as a profession came out of a need to legitimize honest readers and offset past bad actions. Here are some components to consider should you adopt or revamp your code of ethics.


Codes of ethics in general may include:

1.    – Commitment to adhere to a professional standard.

2.    – A promise of protection of clients or community served.

3.   –  Personal or professional accountability.

4.    – Should not sound like a marketing ad.

5.    – May shows actions taken to ensure how one adheres to the code of ethics.


A well-communicated code is really about your reputation with those who are or could potentially become patrons. If you do not belong to any organization, which is optional of course, it can be useful in providing a framework.